Schools use our drumming program because it transcends many barriers, making it accessible to diverse groups, and engages a wide-range of ages and ability levels. Confidence, collaboration and community are all enhanced among participants.

K-12 facilitated drumming can rock-n-roll in-school or outside in our DrumBus, a full-sized, renovated school bus equipped with world percussion instruments for up to 25 people. This “mobile musical classroom” provides a captive environment to deliver dynamic, interactive drumming workshops. without disturbing other classrooms.

We Offer After-School and In-School Engagement


One time DrumBus Event

The DrumBus will visit your school for 2-3 hours and drum with up to 100 students during your after-school program.

After School Program We also offer consecutive, weekly drumming workshops: Facilitated either in-school or on the DrumBus. Each session is approximately 25-45 minutes depending on age. We'll often have a culminating event at the end of the weeks. Students learn technique, rhythms, songs, improvisation and creating music as a group.

Benefits include: Increased collaboration, communication, confidence, focus and team-building. 


In-school Assemblies

Facilitated in school, during the day with consecutive groups of 30-50 over the course of the day.



croweded-boys-on-bus-300x217Special Events

  • Art Night
  • Multi-Cultural Night
  • Fundraisers
  • Family Nights
  • Theme Weeks


“The children LOVE the DrumBus and when it comes, it is their favorite day. We see the kids having fun, learning new skills, recognizing rhythm and patterns. Plus it is a great release for emotions that get built up inside—especially those kids that are a bit hyper. They love the rain and thunderstorm and animal games using the drums.”

 —Cindy Hill, Director at The Avenues Preschool


Let the Good Times Roll!

image002-300x224Preschoolers and Kindergartners feel like rock stars when they climb on board the big red DrumBus before the music has even begun. With drum rolls and rumbles, the clash of thunder and the pitter patter of rain, and a multitude of games, these young drummers are instantly engaged in the sounds they can create together using authentic African drums and handheld world percussion instruments. Such self-expression is encouraging and empowering.

While keeping it playful, our facilitator uses songs, nursery rhymes, African music, and other dynamics like clapping and movement to engage children in the rhythmic play. In the process children are joyfully gaining math, literacy, and phonemic awareness. They are collaborating as a group and sharpening their listening skills in an interactive, safe environment with their teachers. Consecutive 25-minute sessions with 7-15 kids on the bus at one time.

“The children get really excited about climbing onto the big red school bus and playing on real, authentic drums, nothing like the plastic toy drums we have. It’s a unique and different experience for the kids, yet we don’t have to go far. It really feels like a field trip without all the logistics of a field trip.”

—Tracy Danis, Director at Buttons ‘n Bows Preschool ‘n Kindergarten