Drum Circles for Health & Wellness

Ground-rockin’ research has shown the therapeutic value of drumming (see links below). We’ve seen the positive benefits first hand, while facilitating group-rhythm circles for drug and alcohol treatment centers, hospitals, support groups for the past 8 years.

IconROLrgbIn treatment centers, drumming complements traditional talk therapy methods. The cooperative and inclusive nature of a drum circle promotes feelings of connectedness and creates a safe and nonverbal release for emotions that are hard to express or painful.

You can't beat the benefits of group drumming

  • increased endorphins, energizes and motivates
  • Reduces anxiety and relieves stress
  • Provides a release for emotional trauma
  • Accelerates healing
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Produces feelings of well-being
Community Art Night


“When we drum together, I get relaxed and sometimes if I am angry it releases it all out. Before we do a session, I feel antsy and have a lot on my mind, after I feel calm. I don’t think about anything while I am drumming. It clears my head.”

“Drumming created unity within our group. I was able to use my energy to focus on drumming and it makes me feel whole and at peace.”

“It’s therapy without having to talk.”

“I enjoy this workshop more than any other because not only is it a release and a fun learning experience, but a bond between people. Our instructor is very patient and knowledgeable. Thank you so much for the release and the positive energy.”

(All client feedback is collected anonymously)


You Can Expect

  • One djembe or percussion for each participant
  • An experienced facilitator
  • Research-based practices and activities
  • A positive experience for your clients
  • 50 minutes per session with up to 20 people each

The Impact of Drumming on the Immune System is an interview with neurologist Barry Bittman, MD, the study’s principal investigator.

The modern-day guru on the benefits of drumming and author, Christine K. Stevens, MSW, MT-BC explains why this medium is so effective healthwise ranging from veterans to Katrina survivors to stressed-out corporate execs.

Numerous research studies have been published in peer reviewed journals demonstrating the health & wellness benefits of drumming including immune system support, employee burnout and turn over rate, creativity and bonding in seniors. To read more check out our partner in rhythm, REMO’s HealthRHYTHMS Program.

Drum Circle Reasearch
by  Christine Stevens

Click the image below for a pdf.