Cameron Tummel
With 25+ years experience, facilitating thousands of workshops for hundreds of thousands of people in 10+ countries and training teachers globally, and as a local in Oxnard, CA, Cameron is the ideal person to lead the Oxnard DrumBus program. Mr. Tummel is on the DrumBus in Oxnard every day of the school-year facilitating REMO’s Beat the Odds curriculum for social-emotional development and training DrumBus facilitators for expansion.

Cameron is passionate about facilitating collaboration and creativity. He is grateful to have traveled internationally as a drum circle facilitator and now delighted to be home, providing rhythm events throughout Ventura County.

He graduated with an M.F.A. in World Percussion from California Institute of the Arts and is the creator of the Fundamental Djembe series of Play-Along instructional recordings.

Tummel is also Executive Director of Rhythm for Youth USA, a professional development training for teachers to facilitate extraordinary rhythm programs.

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