Basics: Why the DrumBus

Flexible schedule, high margins, low overhead, many diverse markets, and tons of repeat business. Community-based social entrepreneurship. Amazing work with all ages.



Franchise? How much flexibility will I have?


Often times the word franchise has negative connotations because the franchisor dictates exactly how a franchisee must do things. They mandate the advertising expenses, products to use, the vendors to buy from, clothing to wear, hours of operations, have high minimum revenue requirements and on and on…

Americans_For_The_ArtsConferenceCWWith DrumBus you have more latitude to customize your business according to your market and your personality as a facilitator.

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"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things,
because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

—Walt Disney

Who makes a good DrumBus operator/facilitator?

  • Somebody who genuinely enjoys being with people and has a fun, playful attitude.
  • Can lead a group and also be willing to follow the group and flow with what comes up in the moment.
  • A person with extraordinary integrity, is consistent, determined, hard-working and absolutely committed to exposing as many people as possible to group rhythm in their area.

What skills or experience do I need?

  • Drum facilitation experience is helpful but not necessary as we provide extensive training.
  • Prior music instruction is NOT needed. 
  • You should have some knowledge about business or at least an interest in learning business principles.
  • Teaching or some form of facilitation experience is helpful. Mainly however it's a willingness to learn and do the work. 
  • A basic musical background or at least interested in music and rhythm. 

What is included?

Full-size school bus customized and professionally renovated as a DrumBus including instruments. 


We buy high quality, used /well-maintained diesel buses. Our top-notch mechanics thoroughly overhaul the vehicle to meet the strictest safety standards and to ensure long-running, superior performance. 

The bus is then customized to be a DrumBus which means colorful paint and graphics outside and custom interior including floor with carpeting, bench seating, stereo system, air conditioning, plus drums and small percussion instruments.


  • Initial 3-day training in Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Training in accounting, marketing, promotion, sales, social media and web site management.
  • Basic facilitation techniques and participate in workshops 
  • Training on how to drive the bus and basic maintenance 
  • Subsequent trainings taught by expert DCF (drum circle facilitator) trainers. We pay tuition for the trainings.

20140823_185802_14-300x168Plus, we’ll visit your territory for 2-3 days, on our dime, at some point within 3-9 months of your opening your territory.

You put in the work building your territory and we’ll support you as much as possible for you to be successful.

Please call to learn more. 866.973.0304

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